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At Bevelx Labs, we understand you may be anxious, immobilized, or unable to reach a medical office or laboratory somewhere across Houston. This limits your ability to obtain critical lab testing needed to receive prompt care.  We are here to help. Call us today or fax your lab order to us at 281-697-5280 to get started.

Bevelx Labs supports your testing and care needs by offering 24/7 in-home blood draws throughout the greater Houston area. Our certified mobile phlebotomists will ensure that you get the best care and prompt specimen delivery to your preferred laboratory for testing.

Individuals: We do not accept any form of insurance at this time. But we are proud to maintain transparency and fair pricing at $49.00 per service request, regardless the mileage and time of service anywhere across Houston!

Our Mobile Service Cycle


1. Schedule a service

Call 832-536-3306 to schedule a service. We are available around the clock. You may also fax your lab order at 281-697-5280 to get started.


2. Dispatch

A member of Bevelx dispatch team contacts you to confirm requisition and insurance details before dispatch.


3. Results

Test results are made securely available to you or your ordering physician within 24-48 hours. Some tests may take longer.

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Why Choose Us

  • Professionalism. Our team and providers are premier professionals that treat you with respect, kindness, empathy, and understanding.
  • Customer satisfaction. We strive to meet and surpass your expectations of mobile health services. We hope to bring customer satisfaction back to healthcare by offering superior service from the time you contact us until service completion.
  • Customer privacy. As healthcare providers, we strongly believe in the ethical obligation to honor and protect your privacy and confidentiality. Our commitment to these principles allows us to build trusting relationships with the individuals and businesses we serve.
  • Customer safety. A cornerstone of our mobile health services is patient safety. We believe that healthcare should aim to reduce risks, prevent harm, and eliminate errors.
  • Efficiency. We value your time and want to eliminate needless waiting for medical procedures. Without sacrificing quality, we offer punctual, gentle, and efficient service.

Schedule a Demo

Bevelx Labs is happy to offer a no-catch 7-day demo of its phlebotomy services to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other related healthcare facilities across the greater Houston.