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Our Pharmacy to Home Service


Whether you are needing your prescriptions picked up from a local pharmacy or operating a local physical or online pharmacy in the greater Houston area, our cost-effective, trackable and flexible delivery services are designed to save you or your pharmacy time and money.

Community pharmacies can no longer ignore the need for home delivery, but we understand that the industry is changing with pressure to support primary care and potential funding cuts. Our services can enhance patient care and improve pharmacy workflows.

We provide a prescription collection and delivery service supported by our leading technology and specific medication delivery processes, ShipDay, offering a pain-free, convenient and compliant delivery service with real-time tracking, allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

You Deserve Houston's Best Local Medical Courier

Reservations Policy

Bevel-X will fulfill same-day orders placed before 12:00PM. Bevel-X will not guarantee completion of orders placed after 12:00PM on the same day. All orders placed after 12:00PM on the same day may be completed as priority for an extra $5.00 surcharge.

Cancellation Policy

Clients may choose to cancel annual or monthly membership at any time. Once cancelled, client may not be able to enroll in another membership for until after 60 days. Clients may choose to upgrade to annual membership or downgrade to monthly membership at any time. 

Refund Policy

All confirmed orders may be cancelled, and refunds will be issued unless a courier is already on the way, in which case the charge is no longer refundable.

Liability Disclaimer

In the possible event of road accident, vehicle issues, or severe road traffic that results in damages or loss of items, Bevel-X Labs will do everything it can to recover losses or make amends, but ultimately bears no responsibility for such losses.

Free Trial

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You ask, we answer

Please reach out to us today to answer any questions you may have before you place an order. Call us at 832-536-3306 or email us at

You choose your desired service. We offer annual unlimited, monthly unlimited, and one time service. Then provide a brief demographic information that would help us contact you to verify details. Then schedule a pickup time and date. 

Bevel-X Labs will fulfill all orders placed before 12:00PM on the same day. Orders placed after 12:00PM may not be fulfilled the same day and will be completed the following day at the earliest possible time.

Annual unlimited costs $89 and is due before first service is completed. Monthly unlimited costs $8.25. One-time service costs $9.25. Client may cancel membership anytime. Client may also upgrade or downgrade membership anytime.

Annual membership costs $89 to enroll. Client may choose to receive a free service on the first month however the cost is no longer refundable. Client may choose to not receive a free first month of service, in which case the cost remains partially refundable if client chooses to cancel service at anytime.

Bevel-X Labs prides itself in safe deliveries. However, in the unlikely and unfortunate event of road accident, vehicle issues, or severe traffic, Bevel-X Labs will notify client of any possible delays and will dispatch another driver to complete the route.

Yes. Our annual and monthly memberships come with unlimited deliveries, provided the orders are placed for a single client.